About Us

The Mission of Salem Terrace at Harrogate is to honor and provide service to those who want to live where they can receive the care they need and have peace of mind knowing that a caring, professional team is there when needed.

Ownership Team

L. S. (Luke) Waldrop began L. S. Waldrop Realty Company in 1955 and has constructed over 1,500 residential homes, including the Harrogate neighborhood in Salem. His son Preston A. Waldrop, MD, has practiced medicine in the Roanoke Valley since 1991 and founded Virginia Orthopaedic P.C. in 2000. Both father and son are committed to making Salem Terrace at Harrogate a progressive, caring community with a focus on excellence.

The Salem Terrace Promise

Our commitment is to provide you with an enriching lifestyle, exceptional value, and quality care as a member of the Salem Terrace family. With no entry fee and a thirty-day guarantee, your satisfaction is our mission and our promise.

Origin of the Harrogate Name

Impressed by its culture and beauty, Mr. Luke Waldrop was inspired to name the Salem Terrace community after a visit to Harrogate (or Harrogate Spa) in North Yorkshire, England. The town is a tourist destination that became famous in the 16th century after the discovery of its popular healing spa waters.

Friendship Retirement Community, Management Team

Friendship Retirement Community is the largest Retirement Community in Virginia. Since opening its doors in 1966, Friendship has expanded its services to meet the needs and demands of the seniors in the greater Roanoke Valley and across the nation. On its Hershberger Road campus, Friendship boasts a 373-bed Health and Rehab Center, the largest in the Commonwealth of Virginia, an assisted living facility, an eye care clinic, a dialysis center, an on-campus pharmacy, an outpatient rehabilitation, wellness, and therapy clinic and numerous retirement living apartments. Friendship Retirement Community is known for award winning care, but we are also engaging in state of the art programs with our pharmacy and nursing team to address polypharmacy issues, peer to peer chart reviews by doctors and anticholinergic studies to help prevent falls and offer safer medication alternatives. As an employer of over 600 people and home to 1,000 seniors, Friendship Retirement Community is a prominent force in the field of senior care. The greatest quality service and care at the best price, why pay more? The Value of Friendship! For more information, please visit us at: www.friendship.us